PROGRESS... with a little reference to art

Everyday we get closer and closer to that finish line: even it you have to ask yourself have you ever seen a finish line move so many times and this much?.

Bed delivery for Mom’s place has arrived and furniture is coming this week: can we say someone is getting excite? She may not have clothes in her drawers but there are blueberries and kale in her freezer; yes, my family is of that Fellini nature. God love the chaos of “happening and being”.

This month is going to be full on with activity and I’m up for it, “bring on the madness” I say. Here are a few shots of the excited Mama’s place. Reece, general contractor of Terris Lightfoot, is checking out those amazing windows.

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend an exhibition opening at the Equinox gallery highlighting works of an artist I like, B.C. Binnings. The title of the show is “Leave the Window Open” so keeping that in mind artdog Koko and I proceeded to unpack my art collection this weekend. Think you’ll enjoy seeing how that studio space has evolved and Koko has her found her own resting place amongst the wrappings and boxes.

As a collector of art, by talented and what I call “pure” artists, it appears that over the 15 or so years there’s been bit of a collection there. What a joy to unpack these old friends and revisit the joy they bring. Happily there are lots of walls to think about and curatorial decisions to be made — for me that is always the super fun part!! It’s always interesting to see what work, be they photographs, paintings, sculpture etc., talks to each other and makes it’s way to the right space.

Speaking of space, the 2 bedroom is very close to being ready for longterm rental. Have a peek.

It was a good weekend, unpacking art, visiting openings, checking out the “CLOCK” exhibition in North Vancouver and engaging in 5 left’s limited edition event. Nice to reflect on these evening shots as we approach that line of finishing.