ART... ARTDOG KOKO tours the hood after getting coffee at Milano's

Happy Labour day everyone!! Yes it’s true there is someone labouring upstairs on labour day — gotta love this guy’s dedication to work and getting the job done: <3 sending him many hearts of gratitude. This is what he’s working on: (impressive ehe?)

Opps, okay that’s impressive, but not the guy working today. That was the legend of tile setters Randy; the man!! Today’s impressive work of is of the millwork nature. I think you’ll agree:

Pretty cool dat!

Not to digress too much, as this post was to be about Artdog Koko and her recent art discovery, but thought the tile and millwork was worth sharing. Todays walk led Artdog Koko and I into a mural discovery and personally I quite liked the Immortal on the lotus flower, whereas Artdog Koko was definitively in favour of the old man with the golf clubs/sticks. Our immortal preference is of a diverse nature. Have a look and pick your favourite immortal…

As always when walking through Chinatown there are new discoveries to be found. We got lucky finding this one off Georgia St. and here’s to wishing the lottery ticket we bought on Gore St. will be the SUPER lucky one! If an elder Croatian fisherman could win the 60 million maybe it’s time for an in debt fisherman’s daughter to win the 12 million (smile, hehehe). The great Labour Day off!