COMMUNITY...looking back I found this

I was thinking about being “displaced” recently, partly because it’s an exhibition coming up in October/November, but mostly because I’ve been living it for more than 10 months now. When I sold my place in 2018 there was mad preparation to move so for several months I was dealing with either preparing it or packing it all up and storing things for months; then unpacking and sorting to a temporary holding position while living a life of everyday (everyday, everyday…) something being thrown at you as a bit of a zinger.

Until you’re in this situation why would on think of how difficult it can be — not having a regular place for anything, even your keys haha. Once you try to create a “new” temporary holding station for things you can often forget where that “new” place is and start patterning yourself to 3 or 4 primary spots to look for the “new” spot you thought would be perfect. As much as you try laughing about it and as much as you know it’s temporary it’s unsettling on a physical level. Being homeless with a place to live, or house, is very eye opening. It may be my generation, cohort group and simply the age I am at present but I’ve found it to be kind of big deal to go through.

What helps to get through it all? Lots of little things. One of the biggest is your community. The kindness of others is one of the most appreciated — even something as simple as someone buying you a coffee and giving you the nod. Love comes in mysterious ways like that. As well things that help are self care like going to the float tank, meditating, listening to a variety of videos, movies, youtubes etc.. This is one I found recently that really helped me as it visually reminded me of how far we’ve come. As the architectural photo shoot approaches it’s a powerful reminder of that journey into the present.

It’s a bit of an investment to watch the old images (8 min, an eternity now a days) and the music is a total tease; just when you think it’s over BOOM it keeps on going . hahaha Happy viewing.

Next week some photos of the changed space.