PEOPLE... How many does it take to stage a photoshoot?

Or perhaps the better question is how many hours does it take for many people to stage a photoshoot? Quite a lot apparently; team from the architect, team from the onsite crew, team from furniture store/delivery people, team with the photographer, team from the owners… Two days to prepare and one day to shoot all the angles, possibilities, and final touches that create magic in a visual format. It almost didn’t happen due to construction fatigue on my part. My personality is heading into the fast lane of “I’m a bitch and watch out I’m coming through”. This is when the people on your team make the world of difference. It ended up happening and was fun to boot!

Between Marianne, Reece, Dino, Mom, and dear friends… you work things out and see the bigger picture that lives beyond yourself. I’m looking forward to these well deserved people getting recognition. They’ve done an amazing job on architectural design as well as the detailed execution; from concept to design to reality! The Octopus is a happy place and I look froward to the long term rental friends coming to these spaces to be a part of the Project 851 family. The joy of experiencing it everyday with the community of family, friends and friends-to-be puts a smile on my face.

This post is an Octopus share of the day, but by no means anything like those of professional photographer Janis Nicolay. (hopefully to be seen at a magazine stand near you; wait do they still have magazine stands? — at an internet magazine near you…)




At the end of the day the bonus is to sit down, share a meal and toast to all the good work and amazing journey we’re traveling through together.