ART... come see my collection

Collecting art has gone on hold while the Project has evolved, perhaps because the Project has become a part of the collection in and of itself. The work here has also given me time to reflect on the art that has been collected over 15 years. I have come to understand myself and choices I’ve made for Project 851 through this collection. Here is a sneak peek at the art collection as it hung in my old home and where it is presently:

Yes, the collection with the likes of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, David Kahng, Laura Wee Láy Láq, Richard Tetrault, Carylann Leoppky, Connie Sabo, Esther Rausenberg and many more fabulous artists, is packed away waiting to come out again! It is waiting to be shared with others, for what is art if not to be seen?

While the Project has evolved I was able to finally get work by Anida Yoeu Ali aluminum mounted by Issac at the LAB and it turned out beautifully. Don’t you think? I love these pieces and can hardly wait to hang them in the Pink House on my main floor.

“Madonna in the wall” is also waiting to get installed. She was acquired at Hugh Picket’s estate auction in Richmond some 3 or so years ago and here is how she stood in the old home with some images of plans for her here at Project 851.

Until that time of final details Madonna goes back in the box!