PROGRESS... counting the days

Here’s to hoping the next PROGRESS post will be one of “oh hey we’re done”. Is that a possibility? hmmmm, I’ve been researching some amazing positive energy meditative youtube videos lately. Apparently life changing things can happen so who knows can I make my dream come true?

Take a look:

and part 2 … (yup that’s just like me holding my brain in my hands)

While Dr. Joe speaks to us and holds my brain in his hands Project 851 continues to progress one day at a time. Last Progress post had a few before / after shots so I thought I’d just keep rolling with that so here we go:

Garden suite: (guests help yourself!!)

The Pink House (853)

Mama’s place: (857)

Octopus 2 bdrm: (855)

Octopus Studio:

Off to meditate on the calm, patient, progressive self that I am. Ooooooooommmmm …