PEOPLE... fill 'er up!

So who’s going to live in this Octo-pink compound of love and happiness? WellI, of course, Mom and I since the the shoe fits… As we approach that day of “move ‘er in”, it’s also time to think about that perfect fit. Here’s to manifesting a personal utopia!!

Let’s see for the 2 Bedroom (2 bath):

The someone(s) who lives here needs to appreciate detail. They’ll have an energy uplift as he/she passes through the happy coral door that is weighted just right and complimented with contemporary rosette detail that floats on the glass. That door is like “ butta”, smooth and solid in movement of the comings and goings of activity; not that I have an opinion!

The kind of people who have knowledge of good old fashioned cleaning products, will make 855 a happy space of regular upkeep; how can that ever be a bad thing? People who enjoy sitting on the balcony as much as they like looking out the big curtain wall window at the north end of the unit, and delight in the varying sized windows throughout. In and out, up and down with windows and doors opening creating a dance of tilt and turn.

I could easily see one of the bedrooms here used as an office/studio space. How cool would that be if it actually happens. Perhaps that means the people here will be dedicated and focused on their passion in life; creative in his/her work so they are positively challenged to succeed. They have the right balance of social and private lifestyle and want to live in a community where they can contribute — like taking the garbage out on garbage day? Or how about happily contributing to keeping the common space in the front and to the west tidy and beautiful all the while bringing joy in sharing the space with friends and family. A willingness to work with others in a respectful and open minded genuine manner is just a part of who they are; in other words NOT boring types.

855 will hopefully hold people who want to be part of something bigger, an aging in place setting, that will keep them here for a long long time, making it a perfect home. If this is you or someone you know send yourself and/or them my way!

I think the architect in the window will agree, it would make a good fit.

Marianne  checking it all out!!

Marianne checking it all out!!