PEOPLE...stairs the collaborative effort (that just keeps giving over and over forever)

Like a diverse rose garden, there’s something special about the individual plants that make up the complete colourful picture of the entire garden.

There have been special roses that have come together to complete the construction of the metal stairs that are fate acommpli. It was a very big back and forth discussion and drawings along with quotes… before the trigger was pulled to say “we’re doin’ it”. Marianne on the design, Reece on the construction quoting and research, Dino the “man of templating”, Lindsey,Harley,Reece and Dino calculating and ongoing problem solving, Toby for feedback, Gary on treads and chatting, Hughie, Dewie and Lewie on fabrication (smile), Johnny, Monty with his patience as we visited his stairs many times, Colin onsite everyday, Calum aka Mr. Ireland… I know there are people that have been missed but I’ll track down those names before the celebration as they need to be included. Those roses have contributed to the final results that are exquisite.

This view of the “fractal” as I call it is the bouquet. Far left image, if you can’t tell is part metal and part plywood template that was necessary to create the final full metal result on the far left.

Here you can see the detail in the templates, god love you Dino!! On the far left the fabricators from Nortech working with Dino to get those pieces in place!!

Not steel magnolias, nor roses but steel steel… It’s a nod to my Dad, a machinist by trade and gave it up when he immigrated to Canada as they didn’t value the profession so he went into fishing. To my Grampa Marko who I discovered during this project too was a steelworker, but when he came to Canada became a contractor. To my Greatgrampa Piko who ,to my surprising discovery, was a blacksmith working with metals in the old country amongst many other talents such as a healer, quasi mayor of the village, travelled man of the day with medical training from France… Finally, these stairs are a nod to Mr. James Mason, machinist and the original owner of this house who created Ironworks foundry on Franklin St.

Oh ya we can’t forget the impetus of this crazy project (pink house and octopus) my steel purple rose!!