ART...getting over my fractured fibula

I’ve never thought about Chiropractic’s as being an art but you sure can’t deny this looks pretty visually bonus; talk about celebrating the line!

For 3 weeks I thought it was a sprain until Dr. Oliver Sanchez, I love saying that name Dr. OleeeevVer Sanchezzzz….., came onto the scene suspecting otherwise. Taking his medical knowledge and skills to the next level, he highly recommended getting an xray, as his instincts were telling him it was a fracture of the lateral malleolus. Dr. Oliver Sanchez (love that name) has mastered his profession, like an artist, he truly understands how the knowledge he’s attained works in the practical: this dude is the dude of masterclass diagnostics and taping treatment…

As disappointing as it is to find out a fracture means you’re in a restricted “boot” for 4 weeks, it also makes you realize slowing things down might not be the worst thing that can happen to you. Perhaps becoming one with the fragility is what is in order. Instead of feeling like the fragile late 1800’s crystal champagne coupe fill up that glass and slowly sip the libations.

Perhaps even wonder over to Gallery Jones to see an amazing art exhibition, by one of our pretty darn famous local artists; Artdog Koko (see her hashtag on instagram) says, “you watch this boy he’s going places”. That be Brendan Lee Satish Tang!

That dude takes ceramics to another level! Oh and speaking of ceramics we have some pretty cool things happening at the Octopus as well.

Enjoy the view, I’m off to have a libation or two or…