COMMUNITY...from haunted to loved

Go to a soccer game and learn about yourself…

Recently while at a Whitecaps game (we won by the way) I ended up engaged in a conversation about my life, my family and the community we come from; values and what makes us who we are. As I’ve stated in pervious posts, the impetus of Project 851 was my mother and taking the old house from a haunted place to a home(s) where there is love that shows. Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve left the “place” better than I found it — it’s just my thing. We all have inner inspiration, be what it may, that “thing”, that leaves us feeling better as a human being on the planet. Going to a happy place by doing one of my “things” is what makes my home my castle.

Project 851, the Pink House and the Octopus, is what I hope to contribute to this community. The community, I instinctively knew was for me the first day I landed here and have grown to love more and more every year. I want to leave LOVE in this community through this piece of property/land. What does that mean? Listening the the feedback from people touring through the project helps answer that question. They identify the choices made to make the pink house and octopus homes for me and people yet to come. I’ve heard comments regarding observations such as the valued workmanship, integrity of the build, respect for the creative choices, and concern regarding the energy required to “pull it off”. It hasn’t been easy, but rarely are the things we most value in life; there’s a difference between concept and execution.. So far people have had a variety of reactions; most admire it, some desire it, some fear it…

All of these responses are interesting. Intent on listening to the surprising ones helps me understand my fellow human tribe. . Part of the learning from the listen has created even more respect for the people involved; those who have helped achieve something special here at the Pink House and Octopus. At times when I think of the fear responders I have a chuckle, as these people strike me a flat liners; must have control, must have control… don’t ‘cause any waves… grey is my favourite color… types. Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticizing them, being a risk taker is not easy and I get the fear. It doesn’t come easy for many to push themselves that extra 25%, to step out of one’s comfort zone and grow as a person. Anyone can do it, it’s just not for everyone.

Here’s the secret to success when it comes to facing fear. When you start out on a project be sure of why you want to do it. What is the intent and driving force to taking it on? The motivation has to be pure, ‘cause when the going gets tough that’s what you have to fall back on and drives you through the slog, stress and energy drain. It’s been a roller coaster here and it easily could have gone the way of pointing fingers, firing people or even ending up in a looney bin (or some other public health facility) but it hasn’t because the team is amazing and the impetus was bang on. The balancing act has paid off. Cheers to living in love, making decisions based on that and being fearless — it’s much better than waiting ‘til you sell your place to finally fixing it up for someone who you don’t even know nor appreciate or want what you’ve done.

The message is honour yourself by making decisions that will inspire you everyday to be the best you can be in your “thing”, whatever that is. That’s love and that makes respect for others easy; hence the infinity sign.