PROGRESS... lesson from a sprain

May 4th I took Koko to the park and my left foot caught a divot in the grass and I went down like a led balloon. Big ouch. Felt like the wind was knocked out of me and I recall thinking to myself “owwww, this is not good”. I’d still be lying in the park had it not been for a very kind woman who came over and helped me get up; she had witnessed the led balloon drop from where she was sitting under a near by tree with her dog. As I got up, feeling it was too fast and should have rested there for some time, I did not have my ball bearings about me but managed to get Koko on her leash and walk home. It was an operation of get home while in shock before too much shock sets in.

I went right into the R.I.C.E. treatment that I’ve been aware of since University days. There was an AGM to chair the next day so I needed to get on it pronto. Good thing I did chair the meeting the next day, with my ankle wrapped and walking with a cane, as I learned R.I.C.E. is not the treatment of choice any longer. Well with that seed planted my research began. Here I am 2 weeks later, past the shock and ready to share in the healing process. What to do when you get a VERY very bad sprain?

SAT = fall down go boom!


24-48 HOURS = R.I.C.E. walking with a cane and day 2 get on the Comfrey wraps over night. Check this out — I love this guy. In the homeland, I’ve been told they use other greens like relatives of spinach; that also works. Comfrey leaves are a bit prickly and that’s why the poultice is good, personally it didn’t bother me so I used the leaves directly onto my swollen ankle.

Monday — went to Massage and ran my research by the massage therapist. He gave me the two thumbs up so after the treatment off I went to purchase the following:

Collagen — 1 x a day; MSM — 1/4 tsp. 3x a day; Sea Vegetable powder 1-2 x a day; Bromelain 1x a day; Salmon oil 1x a day; arnica gel and arnica tablets as needed.

Friday — went to Chiropractor to get the ankle pulled and aligned. She was impressed with the healing and advised it was a severe sprain. Advised possibility of laser treatment if swelling didn’t go down in the next few weeks (I believed this would not be necessary).

The entire week the above regiment of taking all the natural powders and gels continued as well as the wraps and used compression wrapping for when I was mobile.

Mobility = steps taken daily as follows:

Sat obviously leg up and hobbling about; Sun (AGM etc..) 1,146 steps, Mon 3,217 steps, Tues 3,942 steps, Wed 4,168 steps, Thurs 4,646 steps and Friday 8,713 steps. Much thanks to those who helped me by taking Koko for walks and lightening the load of life while I progressed in healing.


Pretty much same as week 1 but reducing Comfrey wrapping by a few days and adding turmeric tablets for inflammation reduction.

Friday — Massage. Therapist super happy with healing process. He advised to use compression socks , for circulation and to keep the blood flowing in the right direction, and once the swelling was totally down to do warm/cold soaking back and forth ending in cold.

Steps = Sat. 8133 (trip to Victoria and visit to the gardens got me going) Sun. 8,727, Mon. 6,914, Tues 12,374, Wed. 12,750, Thurs 7,787, Friday 4,925. All in all going with the flow and elevating and compression continued while mobile.

WEEK 3 is where we’re at now with mobility continued (sat. = 10,332, sun= 9,152 and today 8k and counting), hopefully I’ll be back at my over 10k steps a day without pain in another week or two. It’s a slow but steady progress that is making me appreciate doing the right thing for a solid successful result. I’m noting the discipline and patience required balanced with just the right amount of push.

This week’s post is about that patient steady ride to success, like the sprain, this project has not finished but on it’s way to celebrating the result we aimed for and anticipated. It has not been without it’s shocks, unexpected challenges, slow but steady assessments, research… I’m hoping to be dancing with a good left ankle at that party!

These pics. of the stairs are for you David, who bravely questioned why the heck it was taking so long to finish them. I say to you my friend (and myself), patience it’s like your great art somethings can’t be rushed and will be amazing when they’re done! Happy dance party.