COMMUNITY...lights, roads and parks.

Last Community post included an update on Union Street’s street lights with the intention of extending a consistent look throughout Strathcona. I don’t have a further update at the moment but Claudio has advised me something is in the works and the community will be updated in a week or two — yeah, exciting!!

As for roads, omg, what can we say about that ongoing saga? Fingers crossed it will be as positive as the street light situation but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Here’s information for anyone who’s not aware of the Flats Arterial Community Panel (a mouthful I know)… Tomorrow night is the last chance for the community to give the community panel feedback about their community on which the community panel is deciding for the community — they will be giving the city a recommendation on an arterial road route that has been going on since the 80’s with many many repeated attempts by the community to express their point of view. If one didn’t know better they’d think the city had a hidden agenda, as how can this go on for sooooo many years?. The last big community rally was held 6 years ago, oh ya and of course most recently for the panel. It’s madness, my friend, madness.

Now onto parks you ask? I kind of threw that in there as an extra as it’s so beautiful in our parks right now and they help with the sanity during the mad times. Oh ya, and also the arterial road options includes one plan that would drive a road right through Strathcona park — that being the William Street option that the city was pushing the community to go for. I know, I know it’s completely ridiculous. hahaha you have to laugh at how crazy that is, like where else in this city have they actually proposed taking away part of a highly used park? Remember we’re calling ourselves the greenest city hahahaha.

Further to the community action noted above let’s look to the community action in the park, pink house, octopus… (it takes a village to pull this off):

Pony in the park and art dog checking things out!!

The perfect pink match!! (no Mel they are not sausages, they be gutters)

Dino and Johnny are the leaders of the heavy duty metal men working on those stairs — homage to the men of metal; machinists, steel workers, blacksmiths…

Rinketty dink pink and the details of the curl on the front porch.

It takes a squad to deliver boxes — oh ya we have boxes.

These tree planters know how to work together and still get input for the right position!

and last but not least…

Koko-cola the Art Dog cases her happy place of community art in graffiti land (only a few blocks away from her house)!!