PROGRESS...planting change

As we inch our way closer to completion of “the village” of project 851 one can’t help but notice the progress of flow on the property. I just love the way the individual units come together yet remain distinct and unique. It literally “feels” good to see Landscapers bring the landscape architecture plan (thank you Hapa ) to life; the reality is better than anything I could have imagined, or tried to decipher from drawings.

Drawings: (might be hard to read but you get the idea aaaaaand you can always come and ask me …)

OLD: (best to look at it from land only perspective— ‘cause there will be changes)

NEW: now remember the drawings… now think about all the choices in materials; concrete, stone, wood, glass, paint etc.)

Getting closer to final stages:

and you gotta love the Bird’s eye view:

but wait there’s more…(never get tired of being a bird):

Looks great in real life right? Now there is a big check for the Katsura Tree which is growing out of the back deck and I’m looking forward to the arrival of the following: hedges, deciduous trees (other than the katsura), shrubs, perennials and ground cover and grasses. Hmmm, so the question becomes what are you looking forward to the most? The white roses! No, wait the pink climing roses. Oh no, now that the Katsura is in it will be the corsican mint and mexican feather grass. Owwww, wait, I forgot about the Italian plum tree. How could I forget the Italian plum tree? I’ve always had a plum tree in the yard, since I was a kid? Oh heck I don’t know I’m looking forward to them all!!