we need a stair update?

I was talking to Dino the other day trying to figure out exactly when we started the construction phase of Project 851; It would have been too easy, or made too much sense, to actually look back on the blog I’ve been writing to figure it out (lol). At any rate, I was pretty sure we started work in May 2017 but Dino pointed out that it was actually earlier and we are at that two year point now. WOW! It came as a surprise since life seems to present itself in moments and only when you reflect do you, or at least its the case for me, connect the dots to the bigger picture: I’ve been trapped in moment to moment land for quite sometime. So here we are 2 years into what I originally thought was my swan song project heading into early retirement!! haha we’ll see when all is said in done if it’s more like Dua Lipa’s version…

This weeks bigger picture is going to reflect on the moments for the stairs going into the BIG PINK HOUSE. Fingers crossed it won’t take two more years to get them finished. When they’ll be done it will truly be a work of art.

First your start with a ladder, until working stairs arrive and then you need to talk to the experts who can take it from paper to reality.

Experts, experts…. ??? How do they get in the door and to the top floor? ??? more experts, experts…Okay let’s just take out the top floor stairs all together… Oh my, there’s a lot of prep going down to make this happen.

It gets serious when the work horses they bring in are heavier than your car… The Templates are transformed into the actual steel pieces of staircase and side structures… Owwww and the hoisting gear… (“by the way Mira did we mention this was going to look industrial?”)

Above are details, taking pause before the drum roll and the stairs getting installed… (and drum roll please)

WOW, right? From coming in the door to gracefully placed in their perfect spot — it was an industrial dance!

These last 4 are just ‘cause I can, and I love them, and they allude to things to come (hopefully not in 2 years) — fingers crossed it will be 2 weeks..

Swan song — swan dive …