PEOPLE...this hood is rockin' it!

People really do make the difference!! Let’s celebrate good news!! The Flats Arterial Community Panel recommendations are in aaaaaannnnnd “read all about it! 68% vote in favour of the National-Charles route”. Bravo panel, bravo and kudos to all the people for their hard work in educating the city, panelists and citizens about this issue. Dan and Richard from the SRA worked tirelessly to develop the route (good job Richard) develop a coherent presentation to express this option to the city. With National-Charles included as an option there became 9 routes of choice; although really there was no choice in my opinion and why Prior ever reared it’s ugly head again is valid to question.

It was the effort of so many people like Dan and Richard who were not paid but gave of themselves: their time, their expertise, their efforts… It was an excellent example of people taking their community power and articulating it in a healthy, positive, thoughtful and sensitive manner to balance the powers that be. We’re steps closer to creating wonderful things for this neighbourhood and it’s good to take a moment to celebrate and be thankful for those people.

Taking the moment is an important thing to do, as it breaks the times you feel like you’re chasing your tail and running in circles: (feeling like it’s one big zoom-a-thon).

or watching the world just spin by with it’s ups and downs :

or maybe you don’t have the energy to do anything but sit and watch:

or sometimes you just want to think about what’s happening next week and not today: (p.s. this art show is happening next week Friday April 12th)

But you know when you take the time, gather your friends, talk to people in your community and look forward (or up) with a strong conviction and don’t give up that is when magic moments happen.

That is when you take your time in the sun and enjoy the rewards!! (and your cake)


Here’s a BIG PINK HOUSE and OCTOPUS thanks to all those great people in the neigbourhood (Dan, Richard, Claudio, Gloria, David, …) you know who you are and what you quietly do for everyone.