PROGRESS (on the heels of art)

Last week the Big House has gone through care and attention in the fine tuning department as we get ready for dry walling.  Fingers crossed this week the Octopus will start growing a roof.   Unforeseen circumstances have resulted in a tad bit of a delay on that front.  So, with eyes wide open,  we look forward to the metal growing and spreading across that amazing architectural design.  Bring on the metal head Octopus!

But speaking of metal, take  a look at what happens when your Contractor is an artist.  It's a shame to cover this up with drywall don't you think?

Oh,  it's so beautiful and I love it!!  Art on the art wall --I might just have to get these photographs made into prints for the art wall.  Another option might be to add them to the slowly growing public art fence. ( yes, it's true there are now 2 posters of acceptable reasons to cry in public -- smile)