ART... wow, this weekend was exploding

There was the ROVE, PARKER ST. SALON, and the ARC GALLERY SHOW, ahhhh and the Equinox opening of Sonny Assu's new work on paper.  Oh and the KW Studio's had an opening/ launch of their new space at the Woodwards site.  Wow!! That was one amazing transformation of a space for culture.   It's so awesome to see Vancouver coming alive in this way with such rich art right in or close to the hood.  I was able to take in 3 of the 5 happenings in and look forward to catching the others when possible.  

The Parker St. Salon was fun and it was great to see Eastside Culture Crawl Artists running and pulling together a weekend event.  Friday night there was a buzz travelling the halls of 1000 Parker St. with artists mingling with friends.  I only wish I had more time to look at the work and explore the perspectives of the artistic talent.

KW Studios opening launch highlighted space, music, dance performance and visual art all in one pow of an opening.  A great community celebratory event!  Here are a few pics.

The ARC Gallery show was dear to my heart as it invited the community as well as found it in their capacity to give back to the ECCS (Eastside Culture Crawl Socitey) children's program Studio 101.  I enjoyed exploring the gallery and work by 30 artists and felt the love they were giving back to the community.

Why do I love art so much?  Maybe because, Art is an expression of humanity and by enjoying art it keeps one grounded to enjoy humanity in the everyday as often as possible:  like good food, conversation and company...

Viva la art, viva la nature!