PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS... breath in calm, breath out insulation!!

As Reece, has said, "Everyday is a festival in that house!!"  ...and this week was no different.

 It was completely an Alejandro Jodorowsky moments as the insulation went into the Big House.  I walked around the site with Rock n' roll playing in one place, then turning a corner and hearing La Bamba and the El Salvadorian dudes laughing while working away.  Every once in a while one or the other would  give out a yelp of glee or a  "owwwwww la" ...  I kept thinking they were calling me when they said Mira, which means to look in Spanish.    You can imagine how many times my head was turning once they found out my name actually is Mira!! hahaha.   Oh also I  can't forget to mention the  pregnant women who on late night walk with her husband and baby stroller  broke into the site so she can use the port-a-potty.  True dat, and this was also the week more public art showed up on the fence in the image of a sasquatch. Ya, I think it's fair to say Holy Mountain ain't got nottin' on the shenanigans at project 851.

Insulation alone is now blowing my mind.  Who knew there were so many types?  There's at least 5 types in the house (my terms not the boring construction terminology):

Creamsicle:  (hard like a frozen cube)

Bubblegum: (knock on that jaw breaker)

Icecream Sandwich: (this puppy is hard -- the chocolate sides are thin and the icecream thick)

Blacksheep of the family: (love the mix of this soft sheep)

Whitesheep of the family: (sista from another mother)

and a little Cotton Candy: (fluffy but don't eat it!)

Viva la fiesta and house building festivals.  Hope you had a great long weekend.