Community -- feedback so far is 100% positive, bring on the pink!

When passing by Project 851 there's some exciting changes developing at the Big House particularly on the gable,  trim and siding . The fascia and soffit will be changing to match the present evolution, in other words, here comes more  creamy tomato sauce.  All sorts of positive feedback are coming my way like, "it's coming up roses", "salmon house on the hill", "house of salmon", "candy ville", "pretty smarties", "soooo contemporary", "yeah to the pink", to name a few.  

Posted on the Blog February 26, 2018  I teased about color and that we'd go with grey.   Marianne introduced both pink and green as possibilities  when we began our discussions of color choices for the  Big House.  A longtime resident of the neighbourhood, Esther Rausenberg, told me that back in the day many of the chinese residence  painted their houses pink.  Well the choice then became a no brainer, this would be a nod to Mrs. Lau who had lived so many years at 851 Union.  There have been many nods to the past on this project and so far it's turning out very nicely.

(photos from Feb. when artist friends, Richard Tetrault, Maureen Sugrue and Leonard Brett came by to help me with picking a pink from the narrowed down palette of pinks) -- it was a very bright day in the snow!

Here we are months later with the real deal with great feedback from the community! Thanks to my friends, team players and family for their input.  (It's ALL been positive so far, so I'm not asking anyone else hahaha).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!