PEOPLE, PLACES, after the Juno's!

Vancouver has grown since 2009, the last time the Juno awards were hosted here. Roger's Arena 2018 was an awesome show for anyone wanting to share in a top notch celebration. Music was happening around this city for anyone looking, to say nothing of all the party's -- the Warner's After Party was just a stone's throw from the hood.  Like any major event,  it takes people coming together in a place to make things happen.  I was lucky to have a dear friend scored tickets to the show so I had the good fortunate to be there. Other friends told me about and/or scored music, dance, and art events all weekend so to say the least I was one happy camper!

Here are a few images of the results:

1. A show during the day @ Carnegie community centre on Hastings -- thanks Rika for letting me know.  Two local musicians played a medley of Canadian folk songs and were followed by Juno nominees Autorickshaw!    2 - 4. Micheal Buble hosting the show    5. Great lightshow -- I'm all over those triangles.     6. Tribute to Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip     7 & 8.  Things I'm hoping to put into the 851 Project -- Love and If I won a million dollars...

As I celebrate the music of our talented Canadian's, in true construction honour I've decided to add a few select shots from the project that reflect the spirit of joy.

Cheers to love and music being apart of this project (homes) now and forever!!