ART - the line keeps giving

As mentioned in past posts, looking at the lines of construction are fascinating, beautiful and interesting.  One could do a whole series of images just on cords.  There are basics as well as layered levels to art  and when on the project site it's easy for the eye to look at things in the same way.  If you were going to have an exhibition focusing on construction site lines, what would you pick?

Making a choice of focus on "the line" can be more complex than one might think.   Do you focus on the pipes, the tubes, the color of silver, the cords, the exterior mains, the waterlines, the gas lines, the wires, the tools of the trade, the wood, the nails, the power lines, the foundation ...?  Toss shapes into the selection criteria and imagine all the possibilities if you restrict the choice  to either the circle or the triangle.  Oh and what about adding materials to the selection process: will it be concrete, wood, plastic, metal?  It's still limitless.

When deciding to select images for this post, I could hear my niece's voice in my head saying "Focus, Teta Mia! Foooooccccuuuss.".  It's often her call to the Teta when we're on site and my mind wonders off regarding the endless decisions that need to be made.  So, in honour of my lovely niece the choice has been made, and "LINE: the art of the cord" has been selected for this weeks focus.

It's quite extraordinary how many images  of cords I found while narrowing down the selection. It got me thinking about the purpose of the cord and how we take reaching something for granted. The cord is defined as  a long slender flexible material usually consisting of several strands (as of thread or yarn) woven or twisted together.  The strands and being woven or twisted together appeals to me, along with the the idea of a moral, spiritual, or emotional bond, which is also a definition for cord.  When selecting images I kept those 2 references in mind -- What is being brought together? What are the natural twists that take place?  What results from human intervention with a cord and how does it effect the line?  Where are the traces of the human bond that we don't see but have left a mark? (the kinks and twists of the cord reveal something about those questions). 

So let's begin our journey.

Cords at one's feet:

Cords and color:

Cords on green:

Cords and wood: (as seen by the shadow who creeps into a couple of the images)

Interior cords:

Have to say I'm drawn to the loops and twists these cords randomly find themselves in.

Following the cord:  (through water, rocks and wrap up...)

Shape of cords (ok maybe some rope squeezed in here):

Arghhh, I hear my niece's voice again "Focus, Teta Mia... Foooooccusss".  Best we call this post a wrap, "That's all folks!"