COMMUNITY -- the commonalities...

We  live in the Technological age (or Information age) and should note it's only through the past and reflecting from that place that a more clear understanding of an age has encompassing meaning.  While living in that age it's difficult to fully comprehend it's consequences .  A Futurists, a person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current trends, can try to understand that direction.  Does intuition play a role in the evolution of taking matters in a direction that is unpredictable? 

If one considers and observes art and culture as a community there are some interesting global shifts that can be tracked.  Looking at creativity through an educated eye and understanding of the field one can look for that unpredictable direction..  Look to the Murakami exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery for instance, where lines of disciplines are shifting.  Where does art enter design, and where does design enter art and how does it interact with commercialism and pure artistic progress?  How does technology come into play with all of this?  

Here are images from that show. The one thing I believe to be our most precious commodity in this Technological age is "time".  That's a conversation I'm always happy to have, just be prepared to pay me for those precious moments.

Should you have a chance to go in person, which I would recommend,  make sure to take time and fully read this one...(what can happen over time and in a community)