PEOPLE -- how the holidays work with work

This is the post celebrating the people who are working during the holiday season to make my house a home. After a long year of working hard one often finds a break is needed and sometimes that means leaving town, having a stay-cation, or just plain old doin’ nothing for a while. The holidays, as in the Xmas season, seems to bring less work, more parties, lots of food and drink and pretty much an overall time out.

Personally I’ve been feeling pretty discombobulated this holiday season, yet ironically it’s put me in a place to enjoy the moments of the holiday: the lights, buying presents, xmas markets, children bouncing, movie moments… This week has been full on getting ready to host my family for Xmas eve dinner and whooooooo are the note worthy happy worker bees? (perhaps elves is more appropriate reference for the season)

Thanks to Julia, Colin, Jay, Trevor, Caleb (Mr. Ireland), and Dino (also there’s a few mystery players dancing the elf dance).

I’m sharing some photos of my favourite things: