took me 15 days plus, plus, plus.

Not quite the 12 days of Christmas I’ve sang over the years, this year has been more of a season of discombobulation and cheer. The adventure has allowed me to enjoy the everyday moments that have been unexpected joys in the familiar being noticed as if it were the first time.

Everyday is a journey here at the Pink House, Garden Suite. One day the bed arrives, the next it’s appliances and eventually an actual hook up of the stove!! It’s Christmas time in the city alright. This kitchen is celebrating the “fish” and cooking up a Clam, Salmon, Haddock, Scallop and Prawn chowder with baguette and triple cream cheese on the side this will be followed up with cod cakes (bakalar a la Union market) with a nice salad and holiday treats to end the evening.

It’s the first Christmas eve in new surroundings and the family is coming over to have some ho, ho, ho as we roll out the old year and think about the new one rolling in only a week away. The transition for myself has mirrored the happenings here at project 851, I just can’t help enjoying keeping the best of the old and bringing it into something new; it’s like honouring the good and making it better. During the holiday season I’d like to share the joy of the rosette with you.

Let’s look at how it’s played out.




Oh ya, cheers to the old, new and transformed Happy Holidays. May all your transformations be bright!