PROGRESS... right into the new year!

2018 what a year!! Now that we’re in the home stretch it’s easy to see the tons of progress that’s happened at Project 851. Particularly at this time of year, one can find themselves reflecting on the worst, best, most challenging events that have taken place and personally, I like that game of thinking; it gives me insight as well as appreciation.

So what was the worst of 2018? Hmmm, I don’t like to be negative or focus on that but it’s valid to recognize the things that you don’t like or are irritating. Sometimes it’s light like a nasty neighbour and sometimes it’s a huge challenge like health issues or a loss of someone important to you. This year, I’d have to say the indicator of the “worst” moments would be “the face”.

Yes, that look one has when they’re about to loose it, or are loosing it, or just do loose it. That became the positive in my worst “please, please, please let’s avoid “the face”, I don’t want to make “the face”, became part of my humorous mantra. That mantra was connected to something I learnt. In 2018 I learnt that stealing and construction seem to be connected nowadays; it’s kind of a cost of doing business??? Who would have thought and how sad is that, right? It did happen here when somebody(s) violently entered the property and made off with thousands of dollars of tools (BAD BAD BAD people). The good that resulted was BC Hydro connected power and Telus connected services so wifi became available so alarm systems and cameras could be set up. Now I get to watch all the animals that come on site instead of thieves; to date there have been 3 racoons, 2 different cats, a squirrel, a bird and several raindrops. Also I now have a great relationship with my local police department/officers and they give me special attention.

As for the best of 2018, well there have been many highlights this year (besides the police officers and the special attention I get hehehehe). The big one for the year is my 2018 World Cup —“rocking chair storey”, of how Croatia almost won first prize; it was a synergy of a team not likely to be repeated anytime soon. The prize that was won was the hearts of so many around the world. Feel free to stop and ask me about all the layers of happiness this series put out in the global community.

Of course , there was also the joys of watching Project 851 come to reality. This has been amazing (and stressful) but it was special to be able to have Christmas eve dinner here in the Garden Suite with my family! I love the contracting crew who kicked it up to make this happen by getting the stove hooked up etc… The new soup bowls are now a symbol of the joy of that shared experience (as is the purple Christmas tree).

I look forward to sharing my home with others in the years to come and that’s how I’m starting the New Year’s Eve / New Year celebrations!! Happy New Year everyone.

This is a combination of the best — wearing my soccer jersey and dancing around the purple tree!

May your bowls (of life) always be full, of just the right amount of worst and best challenges!!!