COMMUNITY... living in Strathcona

As 2019 rolls out I can’t help but enjoy the fruits of the labour of 2018 and the people that have surfaced during the evolution of this project.

I often chuckle when I think about this Blog as it’s kind of more for me than anyone else: surely no one reads it I’ve said to myself. In my mind, it helps me keep track of the process and moments that arise; it doesn’t hurt to actually engage in writing and an attempt to keep those skills alive. So, just when I think words are being pushed out into the air to hold a place to visit on occasion I get a surprise by finding it’s otherwise. For instance, someone reaches out to me on the street and/or via e-mail from Quebec or Europe…

Just this week, I received an e-mail, phone call and a few happen chance street meetings with various people from the community. Well Happy New year I say!!! — especially those who are so generous with their compliments and questions of positivity.

To the neighbour who has lived through the similar experience restoring their home and a new build in the back that contacted me to say “hang in there” it does get better… (these are for you):

To the charming Scottish gentlemen who came by to admire and enquire about the rock wall (these are for you):

To the extremely interesting elderly lady who’s Grandfather and Grandmother were the original owners of the Hollywood theatre (these are for you):

To the neighbours I’ve never talked to that have approached me because they love project 851, the neighbourhood and want to stay here in the hood (these are for you):

To those I have not met in person but have taken the time to drop me a note via this Blog — we’re not just another brick in the wall, but we’re just a couple of Madonna’s in the wall (these are for you):