COMMUNITY -- and that's what it takes to get you settled

… or sort of (the settled part anyway).

Well my home of many, many, many years sold and I handed the keys over November 30th so it was good-bye to the beloved old and welcome to the new or a lovely pink shade.

…and now for a brief visual on the transition.

Did you know it’s become quite acceptable to steal from construction sites?: theft has become a cost of doing business? Whacked, right?

Call me old fashioned and community focused as I just don’t accept that it’s okay to behave so badly at somebody else’s expense. So disrespectful!! …and that’s where community comes in. Community comprised of tradespeople on site, good neighbours, friends and like minded “put off people” who just won’t take it anymore.

The solution? Get yourself a security camera to monitor the site — they sync to your phone now days so you can see what’s going on wherever your are. They’re even 2 way audio so you can provide a special message to an unwelcome intruder. Of course, notify the police and don’t be shy to call 911 ‘cause that’s what theyr’re there for, and not only are they quick but cute as well. Try to get your immediate neighbours on side, informing them as well as letting them know it’s cool for them to call 911 if they’re suspicious of unwanted activity. The best thing to do is create an activity that empowers you to feel strong and in control of you home/space/place. In my case it involved friends and fun creating special gods of protection. A trip to Dress Sew and voila!! a totem of protection was happening (Burt Reynolds eat your heart out (hehehe) — a protection totem always comes in handy, especially when coupled with an armed camera system.

Once all is in place you’re ready to settle into your new home!!