Art -- to be boring?...or otherwise? that is the ?

All about a POLE -- yes a Hydro/Telus pole has taken 2 years (and continues) to address.  It's a situation created during the planning process requiring it be moved.  WWwwhhhhhaaaattt ?????  True my friend there is a story that goes with poles, or it least it does in Vancouver, BC (mind you heard I've heard it's not limited to this municipality).  I like to think of this situation as more of a gallery preparing for an exhibition (usually 2 years out in the planning) than a raising of a pole (aboriginal soulful process). 

I didn't even  know poles are jointly owned by BCH (BC Hydro) and Telus?  Ya I know right???  I've learnt way more about this than anyone should ever need to know.  Here's a question for your next dinner party conversation -- are BCH the top wires or bottom ones on the poles? ... is Telus a bottom or top?  hmmmm.  Don't worry we'll get there and you will be able to answer that after the carpaccio and before the tiramisu.

Here's another really good question.  Why does it take 2 years to get a pole moved 2 feet?  Keep in mind the Architect and Contractor did think WAY WAY ahead of the game let's get this ball rolling so we don't get stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare. Hahahaha so this is the expedited version? -- you gotta ask yourself right?  

Silly me thought the pole needed to be moved because it was obstructing the view.  The person(s) living in that unit would be looking directly into a pole was the thought and although I wasn't excited about the cost believed it to be a very considerate observation on somebody's part; that kind of thoughtfulness was not the case and I'm thinking now  "just a keep laughing until your head falls ".  The actual reason was because it would be too close to the garage and effected the required parking access.  Okay I think, swallow your silliness, that makes sense.  

This is the pole.

Nice pole right?  Nothing wrong with this pole but it has to move, so should be a no brainer right? O,h move a pole 2 feet = ok np.  Oh no, no, no ........ we don't want to make it too easy.  There must be designers involved; yes you heard it correctly these are corporate employees beyond the architect and the engineers that you, the property owner, have already paid!  But wait there's more!  It get's better,  the solution comes in with moving the pole to a completely illogical location.  The re-location decision is to move the pole to the other side of the garage and block the other parking spot that's required.  Perhaps, we have a situation of "too many cooks"???

This is what happens while you deal with the powers that be to come to a conclusion... (keep your eye on the pole -- this is what happens while the decision is being made.)

All the construction keeps going while the dance of a decision on the pole takes place.  It became very evident these players don't like to actually talk while dancing.

First we go to the left, then we go to the right, then we go from blocking one side of the garage, to blocking the other side of the garage and the dosey doe continues.  By the way, you don't even want to ask what these dudes are asking you to pay for the privilege of dancing with them. It's something stupid like a million dollars.  I just kept saying WHAT? (you know the way old people do when they can't hear).  I also kept asking and who are the neurosurgeons being paid to do this work?  (like a yenta hoping to match up a single niece). 

Reluctantly I'll admit, BCH came around (the jury is still out on Telus) and here's what came a few days ago.  Meanwhile the clock's still ticking for the cost of this dance.  Daily I'm growing to appreciate the saying "the road to hell was paved with good intentions".

note: where the Hydro lines go and who's on top and who's the bottom -- we're getting closer to the tiramisu now.

One of those neurosurgeons was smoking a doobie, slif, or whatever today's word is,  so just couldn't help altering the state of 4 of the shots to reflect the surrealist element of this dance. 

So, what do you think of the "new" pole?  The one that came full circle and finally ended up where it should have been in the first place? Ya, that one!!  True dat, I agree it kind of does look older than the old pole, but  "Power to the new".