PROGRESS... (is the pole done yet?)

Moving on from last weeks post or not...  Because maybe 2 years just isn't really long enough to deal with a pole and so perhaps it deserves more attention.  This week I say, "long live the pole dance and all it can offer!"

This round is about "the pole" as a symbol of wood and the dance of progress around it.  Could a million dollars  be  enough to pay for a pole and all it offers?  After trying to deal with BC Hydro and TELUS I'd have to say "no", as in you couldn't pay me a million dollars to go through this again. 

The frustration of not being able to get a straight answer has been an adventure.  "What am I paying for?  Please break this down for me so I can understand how this could be remotely reasonable.",  actually flips to "Oh you, you're the crazy one to ask such questions?" Comic, right?

 To boot, you can be treated in a threatening manner (ie. pay or you get nothing), or condescending (ie. you are not going to get that information) or polite dismissal (ie. it's expensive to build in vancouver) -- like any of these are acceptable.  Ahhhh, the questions that continue to float in my head but I fear to verbalize because of response.  I think I'm going to watch a lot more David Chappelle and Comedians in Cars getting Coffee just to stay sane.

So get your coffee and let's celebrate some photos and time lapse videos showing things going on with the Octopus. Look closely you'll see some Big House changes as well as "the pole that will never make sense to me move, or not move, moving it here or moving it there ...." dance pole dance!!!    ( hoping you'll ending up in the right place and not with a neck injury -- that's happened to me before).

Here's where the awesome things happens for the Octopus...

Love the progress and these few photos that support the time lapse.