2018 has arrived and my arms are wide and welcoming to the new!  In fact, that might just be my WORD for the year, "New"; new home, new accomplishments, new dance steps, new joyous moment, new floors (to dance on), new windows (to look through), new walls ( to touch) ... all with love and good intentions.  Wishing all the people, places and things in our lives to be directed with loving attitudes, desires and heartfelt progress.

New is a good word.  The feeling you get when a new thing comes your way, especially a gift, is warm and fills one with joy.  It's that feeling that I want to focus on.  This year there will be babies born and experiences a new, or even better, old ones looked at in a new way.  Let's turn the lens onto how life can be positive and loving.  Community comes from appreciating others, what others have to offer, then connecting them to others as well as how it works from a place of togetherness.  That is how amazing things are achieved.  

Looking to New: