COMMUNITY -- war of the roses, peonies, irises, tulips...

Now that things are underway at the Big House we've gone from the waiting game to full throttle.  Lucky I come from a generation that can run with their hair on fire .  Admittedly, a strong man or woman would have come in handy while literally sharing the plants in the garden over the last few days.  There are some pretty deep roots on this property.  

Here's a little visual for your viewing pleasure while listening  -- 

While digging things up I had the opportunity to get to know a few more of my neighbours, Yeah!!  I learnt, from an avid gardener, that the roses are most likely Queen Anne or Queen Elizabeth and he told me the best way to prune them -- think I actually got a few right.  Apparently you look for a bud on the cane and cut back above the bud.  Also I learnt that the Chinese ladies in the neighbourhood used to exchange cuttings so many of the roses are crossed with these cuttings.  This can result with two different rose branches growing from the same base.  

Another neighbour mentioned that roses from this house had been distributed in the hood a number of years back and several neighbours  were lucky to get them.   So much for my idea of sharing the garden, like I was a first ehe?   This neighbourly exchanged caused me to remember that I saw a rose garden in the back of the house from Esther Rausenberg's photography.  (nov. 14th 2016 post under the Big House)  Now I know where some of those plants landed giving me a deeper appreciation for my next walk when looking around the hood. 

I also learnt I have a neighbour who's an electrician, a chef, a gardener, a photographer, an educator, a film maker, a contractor, an owner of chickens...  Things just keep growing!