On your marks, get set, go!...Art, Progress, Community and People Places and Things!

April showers bring May flowers, so they say.  Here's to hoping showers are done and things will bloom and blossom on this Project at a steady eddy pace.  This week should be interesting with  the timelapse camera set up and ready to shoot the Progress!  

Thinking about the next year as I'm told we'll be lucky if things are finished in a year -- believe it or not this is "normal".  As we roll out the building, transformation and breathing love into an existing structure and structures to come it's time to give thought as to how sharing the process will unfold.  

FOUR HEADINGS  have come to mind as a focus of the weekly posts and last week when I looked at the beautiful abstactions the Big House had created over the years ART came to mind.  Of course the changes that will take place brought PROGRESS to the space.  COMMUNITY is an ever present heading whenever I think of Strathcona; the heart of the Project. The final heading is closely related to community as PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS are where so many riches come into play.

Progress and a hole is what is being posted this week.  Here are 5 photos that focus on holes that are part of the Big House -- one is still closed and the others have been opened.  Looking at these images, seeing where the holes are now makes one wonder what were they a part of? what was the functional purpose of placing this hole in the wall?  what was it's significance and when was it no longer required, and why?  

Five holes (4 above and 1 below) are all connected to a chimney that has not been functioning for years.  Change in the name of progress caused them to get sealed up behind plaster walls and layers of paint.  Preparing for more change they have become exposed again and brought to light to be captured in a moment to view and ponder.

We all know progress is about moving forward : the process of improving or developing something over a period of time.  It's heartwarming to take that moment to look closely at how that has taken place in this specific space and think about the holes to come.