Regaining steam!

Things are starting to role out at the BIG HOUSE!  Yeah and jumping for joy, mind you I'm not getting too far off the ground in my jump (smile).  I imagine my jumping elevation will grow with time and the further we get into the Project.

The abatement process has started, which means the ending, reduction or lessening of something.  In real terms it's the lightening of the building by taking out everything dirty.  It also means it costs a lot of money to clean up the mess of those before us and the bad things that were approved but no longer are deemed good.  Kind of makes you think what does that mean about what we're deeming good now that won't be seen as good down the road, right?  

Regardless, the men working in the house now are lovely and I'm happy to get to know Danny and his team of clean men!  I'm thankful for their services and lightening up this old house.  

As I enter the Big House, how can I miss the amazing front deck, when I look down at my shoes it's only to notice the great things that come with decay and many many many... years of wear and tear.  Looking into the front door, now with the great detailed rosette corners and mouldings gone, it draws my eye to the room beyond and the floor stripped of it's wild colored lino flooring.  The close up of the kitchen stripped of attachments reveals a work of art created by the place -- look at those layers and shades with exquisite texture and detail of lives that have breathed in a space.  When the ceiling fell down I was astonished at how beautiful the abstraction.

What is garbage to someone finds a place in another's eye and heart.