PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS -- who,where and what direction to take this week?

Taking a look back and up.  This directs the present moment towards the original owners, Kate and James Mason. (May 23, 2016 post under Big House).  As I wander through the Big House as it is being "lightened" from toxic materials and layers of constructed skin, what gets revealed are the bones of  it's origin.  The wonder here is, what did this house look like when the Mason's lived there?  

Floor boards tell that there must have been a fire place in a room and holes in the lath say "oh here was a vent that most likely provided heat for another room, because  it must have been connected to that chimney."  It's an unfolding story based on architecture and construction: 1898 to this moment in time.

As the posts evolve there seems to be a developing connectivity  to the other headings so it flows back and forth like my family, affectionately called the Fellini's;  just like those crazy Fellini movies.  It's easy to imagine the families of this place were no different.

Honouring the chimney:  Huff and puff...

after looking up!! how about a "look out"... 

For more developments best to head to the BIG HOUSE heading for "but wait, there's more".