ART -- this week we start flying!

This is going to be a BIG TEASE taking you to some pretty amazing shots under the BIG HOUSE .  What has been posted? Will you ride out the tease or jump ahead (then look back)?

The choice is yours. The hint lies in my new name,  Dorothy as I click my red shoes. Travelling off into a dream, one may ask the eternal question "what is good art?" and can Dorothy provide the answer?  

 Art, as defined by Oxford rather than Merriam-website , in my book, is a good one.  "Pure Art", I believe, is when the artist's intention  to push those boundaries is alive in his or her cel structure.  Making money is a discussion best left for professional development of the art profession and not this week's post.

Joseph Beuys challenged the Oxford definition of arts as did other artists of the Fluxus movement as they had become dissatisfied with object-oriented works.  The focus now became contemporary experiments that crossed the lines with music, performance and favoured things "found" and "everyday".  Their interest in "happenings", impermanent installation art and action-oriented events is something that appeals to me greatly.  

The activities at the BIG HOUSE this week remind me of this movement and their interests particularly because of the impermanence of the moment we all have in observing the transition of this home from 1898 in 2017.

Beuys's insistence on the fundamentally democratic nature of human creativity suggested that every fully thinking and feeling person is, by definition, an artist. He has left a widely influential and creative legacy up til his death in 1986.   Philosophically this is a wonderful position and I would agree we do all have the makings to be creatives. However,  in the everyday reality of the artistic professional I would have to disagree based on the time and dedication it takes for a "true" artist to push the boundaries of their work through technical skills, imagination, emotional power etc. The question becomes does a moment in time count?

I would have loved to discuss Beuys perspective of art and artist directly to play with these ideas of art in our everyday  and execution of creativity.  Would he have seen the actions taking place at 851 this week as art?... the impermanence of something beautiful and emotionally moving?...

As an everyday person, you decide and make sure to stop me for the discussion. Did we nail it? -- check out BIG HOUSE.