PROGRESS ... two steps forward one step back (a song in this?, hmmmm)

No matter how much you try to be open, accessible, focused and thoughtful someone  or something will inevitably fall through the cracks.  One approach to crack filling (smile) is the construction camera we have on site, clicking away to give a visual of change.

I am super impressed with our Team as that's where progress comes from -- people with respect, professionalism and manners.  When people like this are on site it makes me want to feed them, help out in anyway I can and share the joy their efforts provide;  it's more than hard work and that was something my Dad always valued in a person.  I guess in some ways the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Last week's post about art referred to movement and art in the everyday.   Continuing with that point of view, let's have a look at  movement in the  PROGRESS of lifting a house.  (detail still shots under May 22 nd BIG HOUSE).

Happy to share this time lapse ...(don't blink you may miss the "raise"; yes, it was that fast)