COMMUNITY -- -- taking care of each other, 'cause that's what you do!

From music to watching critters, Strathcona is a place where it's easy to be a part of things that are bigger than yourself.  Whether at Union MarketWilder Snail, Strathcona Park, Strathcona community gardens, Mclean Park or just walking around the neighbourhood it's a given someone, somewhere, will enlighten you me to things going on or extending an invitation to just hang and share something exciting to think about. 

Grateful, is the best word to use when describing living in this community and being able to develop homes at 851 Union St falls into the same category.  It's the best place, in my opinion,  to live and probably why it can be so hard to land here.  In fact I put in offers to at least 3 or 4 places before finally being able to acquire a home at 584 Hawks; Koo's Corner.   More than 10 years later,  I suspect  the word has gotten out and more people are in the know of this great historic gem of a community.  A big part of us being able to acquire 851 Union in 2014 was lessons learnt by living here -- move fast.  In fact, last week one of the neighbourhood  gems on Pender and Heatley (450 Heatley) sold within a week of it's first open house.  Guess it's safe to say the word is out and people want to be a part of a community where, as the wall at Strathcona School says, "we take care of each other".

Today while walking a friend's dog, Ziggy, I overheard a gentleman telling his wife, how great he thought this area was and said "You can feel it here in this neighbourhood, just as you walk the streets". They had just come out of an open house on Keefer street so I engaged in friendly conversation and  asked about "it" --  he expanded on the feeling and it became obvious he was referring to the people in the community.  I hope he and his partner decide to buy that place, as it seems to me they would be a great fit.  

1.  Gelato place on Venables with 238 flavours.  

2. Cultch on Venables from the Rodney De Croo's show.

3. Cultch lovin' the lighting pattern on the floor -- nice show Rodney!

4. Neighbourhood Stop sign -- right moment right place.  

1. & 2. Strathcona school -- seismic upgrade. 

3. Just opposite Strathcona school is the Buddhist temple on Keefer St. 

4. I've always been a sucker for a pink dogwood tree!

1. - 4. The sign says it all -- Strathcona community Gardens (ahhhhh, smile)

1. - 4. No stealing in the gardens but sharing harvest in the park is definitely allowed!!  Ziggy seems to agree park time is a good place to be.