PROGRESS -- focusing on an evolution

We've come a long way baby!  Thinking about all the work, energy and love that is taking place on this project an idea popped into my head, "everyone loves before and after shots".  So here we're looking at before/after and during (hahaha) shots.  The focus is on the turret, which is a focal point of the Big House; let's take a look at how it's evolved both inside and out.

The next shots will show you the during.  The initial photo is of 1898 framing and windows of single pane glass that turned into melting liquid solids. We were able to pass them along to an artist residency project called the Blue Cabin;  if you pass by the public art fence you'll see a poster about that project.  It's nice our old windows were able to play a small part in the restoration of the Blue Cabin.   

The next images take us on an adventure from abatement, to keeping the bones of the house, to new double hung windows, insulation and arriving at dry wall: an adventure of same same but different.

Speaking of 'same same but different', a much overused phrase, let's continue on that vein with saying we're taking the turret back to the future! -- hahaha, I crack myself us.  It's my nieces that remind me  "ya right Teta M, you know you're the only one that finds that funny?". 

Well cheers to the turret and it's outside evolution!