COMMUNITY -- a reflection on all the who's of the project...

Missing my daily trips to the site, since I'm away looking for old fishermen in Haida Gwaii, gives you time to meet all the people who have been involved (family, friends, trades, specialists, professionals, etc.).

From Orbs in the attic to hands on the old asphalt shingles.

Teams in place ,from friends/family who are related to those who lived in the house in the 1930's, to my family, to the construction and architectural groups, to taking the house to the bones and lifting it up to the sky.

Here we're going from researching what to put in wwwwwaaaaayyyy down the road.  As well as never getting enough house flying pictures and tossing in a little reality of infrastructure and excavation.


Those shots show how we had to open things up before we could start closing them up.  Beams were installed for structural reinforcement and the back deck closed in to become part of the main floor.  

Above and Below we have all hands and feet on deck working on the Octopus (and for some of us just looking with hands dangling and feet planted).

Wouldn't you just love to have a shot at that rock slingers job?  I know I'd be down for that.  The last one is the drone shot we got for the Blog showing the aerial view of the Octopus;  that was one yummy post!

Back to the Big House in the shots above.

Above we see Mom with a smile on her face 1) because she likes watching people work (maybe a little like Maynard the cat) and 2) because it means we get to take a break and celebrate (below).

Ok back to work!!

Top row:  from roof to sewer lines.  Middle row:  Big House art wall and Octopus roof (hey Eric!!)    Bottom row:  STAIRS an ongoing discussion (go Johnny go -- the Romanian, Hungarian, Italian Russian; yes, there's a story there)

I could go on to share some insulation, drywall and terrazzo work but then what would I have to share in the next Community post?