COMMUNITY -- many things to consider when building

These days I feel like my retirement plan has shifted into a survival plan: I’ve told my friend perhaps I’m too young to retire anyway. Doing things you love, for and with ones you love help you survive the eye of the storm. Remember this, remember this I keep telling myself.

This week there was a BIG accomplishment at the Octopus; cement poured and floors in. Those hard working cement guys had their trucks out there at 7 am (or whenever the permitted start time is) and poured concrete for 4 hours. My concrete hag soul was on fire with excitement. Once the pour was done they were trowelling until 8:30 pm!! I was around for the 12 + hour day but by no means was I doing any of the heavy lifting, or trowelling.

Watching these guys work I recalled a phone call I received from my Dad more than 20 years ago. He was asking me to do something or other and I said to him “oh, Dad I just worked 8 hours and got home I’m not into dealing with this right now”. His response was “ya, well what about the other 4 hours”. At the time I laughed, as I knew his request was not unreasonable by HIS standards; as he wouldn’t expect anything from others that he wasn’t prepared to do himself. The world has become softer and our expectations have changed. Watching this cement pour on Thursday I realized my Dad, and many like him, worked this hard every day. So kudos to those people then and know who are working this hard so their loved ones can have it easier.

Sooooo, when neighbours call me or e-mail me to complain that their green waste or recycling wasn’t picked up — I kind of feel like they’re me (omg I worked 8 hours…) and I’m my Dad (ya well what about…). One thing I think we’ll all agree on is look at how amazing the results are of those hard working guys on Thurdsay.

It is such a thing of beauty that only music can describe (or feel). When you touch these floors it is exquisite, so smooth and so even….

Who knew while the pour was happening the project would be getting recognition in the local Vancouver paper? Thanks to Pete Fry for referring to our project as one he sees a good example for densification; much appreciated Pete. It’s all in this article by Dan Fumano, who mentions that I say the process has been “frustrating”. That’s right Dan, you and I could write a book about the process but I’m delighted to get one or two lines.


I like to think this photo captures my spirit (smile, power to the M) — off to get my hardhat!