PROGRESS -- getting close to lock up

We’ve come a long way baby!

Looking back to 1898 when the house was originally built we can review and question the progress that’s happened in the world — one step forward two steps back, the dance of progressive movement. History reveals an onslaught of events that emerged during the time Kate and James Mason decided to build at 851 Union St. — ie. The Cuba Libra Story (Spaniards flag down and American flag up), India …viewed as the jewel in the British Empire (Indo-China developments), event leading up to the Second Anglo-Boer War, the birth of basketball was an apple in eye of James Naismith while things were cooking in the Philippines, Lenin was working on getting himself placed in the Russian scene, Austro-Hungarian negotiations were continuing and in Canada the Board of Management of the Marine Biological Station of Canada was established . There was a lot going on in the world — take a look at Netflix if you want to get a visual on all of theses global happenings for a deeper understanding (I know I did).

The Canadian reference is personally interesting, as my Dad who ended up providing for our family was only 17 when Prince, the father of what would become the DFO died, and I’m quite sure my father had no idea he would be dealing with that department and industry in the years ahead. Joe, my father, had been educated/trained as a machinist, like James Mason the original owner of 851 Union. The difference being that by the time Joe came to Canada, in his opinion, the trade was no longer valued and he needed to switch it up and find another path to earn a good living in this new country. The path he pursued lead him the fishing industry so I find it interesting as I stumble upon researching 1989 historical events to discover it to be the time that the fisheries research was born. The trades for a Machinist might not have been valued but fish have been very good to our family. Joe was a highliner and handled the stress of providing for his family with vigorous determination.

Posting about history and progress and the layered things that happen all at the same time applys to the present and happenings at Project 851. As we bring in the new progress such as windows and what I affectionately call the “engine room” it’s also important for me to mention the “subtle nods” to the past that are being tied in. It’s like a dance that is becoming a story: metaphors just keep blooming. For instance, the color of the Pink House, the engine room, the stairs and the Octopus name itself. It’s special to be aware of the story evolving while you’re in the eye of the storm — a magical feeling emotionally to realize the levels of meaning in a moment in time.

Here are some shots of metaphors blooming: