PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS - where does the octopus fit in?

As things progress at the Big House we find now is the time to include the Octopus.  Our Octopus is not the kind one often finds written about such as in  The mind of an Octopus ; where It's interesting to note that creature of the sea spend a lot of time taking care of their dens.  Our creature at 851 Union, is to be a den of a different sort.  

This creative design is the infill behind the Big House that is connected by a common mechanical room.  We jokingly came up with the name of the Octopus yet when I read more about the sea creature it was enlightening to discover this 8 armed mollusc or cephalopod,  has two forms of control operating in tandem;  neurons in the arms and in the central brain.  The mechanical room at 851 will be like the central brain and the Big House and Octopus structures will be like the arms -- at least that's an analogy I like to extend to the project.

There are so many layers of love encompassing this piece of land it's sometimes hard to know where to begin when writing.  Focus can be a challenge  so let's look at some images and let the layers of information start from the visual.

I laughed the other day when a friend said to me  "Hey, Mira your doors open".   I told her how odd it was to see the Big House look like a huge doll house at this stage and when I sit inside, on the chair that was left behind, and contemplate on the infill to come all I can say is "this is one layered learning experience".   Learning about the pitt, markings, going from ideas to reality and layers are under the Octopus heading of this site.

While sitting in the chair left behind,  I think about the people who came before, the ones presently involved and those to come.  Aging in place is more than a concept.