ART -- the line just keeps giving

What do I see when I look at art?  There are lines, form, shapes and color that jump out and sometimes they create landscape, figures, abstract images and so forth.  This is also  found in everyday objects.  At times, I play a game walking through the streets looking for one of these things to educate my eye at the simple act of close looking.  For me, it's about the art of the everyday.  You can go crazy if you look at too many things so focusing on one element of art makes you notice things that are easily missed.

The ECCS (Eastside Culture Crawl Society) is an organization dear to my heart for many reasons. In fact, I believe in this organization so much that I give it my time, energy and creative chutzpah. Every year the ECCS hosts an event called the Culture Crawl and the audience is the public -- people have told me they come from Abbotsford, Montreal, West Vancouver, Toronto, and even Internationally to catch this 4 day celebration of visual art, craft and design.  If it's new to you check it out and join in the fun -- this year it's on from Nov 16-19th.

One of the reasons I love this organization is because it is has grown in professionalism over the last 5 year beyond expectation and yet has not creeped into the area of pretentiousness.  It has been able to maintain it's connection to community spirit while continuing to have artists and public interact directly creating a very human exchange.  It's the best way to experience and learn, and it goes both ways; artist learn from the public and the public learns from the artist.  The exercise I use in looking for art in the everyday applies to focusing on experiencing the Crawl.

For this post I've decided to focus on the line.  Here's a looksee at where the eye has gone in that respect.