PROGRESS -- Things slowly land as they should.

Enjoy watching the down part of the "going up", ... (going up took 30 min and a zip on the time lapse (post May 29th) and going down took 3 hours and a slower time frame = 2 dips instead of a zip).  The flying house has landed.

There is a  lot going on in this short little time lapse and if you look closely you'll see all the community engagement.   Zebiak with skilled action going on for the downward float,  city workers installing the 4 inch pipe water connection to the property by digging up the street (dust a go go) and drain tiles are being coordinated with and through the contractor's  team. You may want to watch it a few times to catch all the action.  People, trucks and action going on all around.

note: to be featured next week "what are the chances?" 

Dip, dip down!