COMMUNITY -- What are the chances?

Last weeks post on the progress of the the Big House settling down on it's foundation also had a great celebration of community.

City workers were chopping up the road and putting the water pipe in, along side were the contractor's workers and Zebiak lowering the house and all the while drain tile  stones were being filled in to the appropriate trenches.  The 3 women present were the MUSE for all that took place when the neighbour a few doors away came out rolling his cart of libations for everyone -- these were leftovers from his wife's baby shower on the weekend.  How wonderful was this?  A spontaneous celebration of things happening.

One would think that was pretty special right?  Well it gets better.  Who expects a city worker to double as a Rabbi?  Ya well we found one.  As luck would have it we were chatting with Rabbi city worker as he was curious about the project.   We explained the aging in place concept and how my Mom was the imputes for buying the house in the first place and also some stories about the history of the families that passed through.  Well Rabbi city worker was so joyous and happy to hear it all that he offered to give the project a blessing.  Hence,  the property and project were  blessed!  

What are the chances, ehe?  It was just over a year ago a post under the BIG HOUSE referred to the Izen family who lived in the house many years ago and the day the house came down we are fortunate to have Rabbi city man blessed the project!

Life is magic... and so was the day the house was lowered!  

It all came together with Wolfie the neighbourhood cat watching and dust settling on parked cars.  The neighbours were amazing even though their street was closed and sidewalks blocked.  I was reminded of an art installation I had put together a few years ago.  Sometimes things come full circle in a same same but different way.

 This is a video (time lapse) from the Eastside Culture Crawl -- Ballroom 584 was inspired by a sustainable building adventure in Jamaica of which  I had participated.  Building and sustainable living was a curiosity to me and through exploring that curiosity an art installation evolved.  The video takes these concepts to another level with this art installation and invites community involvement.