ART -- taking off from last art post...

...haha a little throw back to the "Take flight" post a few weeks ago before the Eastside Culture Crawl Society (ECCS), CRAWL event.  I know, I know, there have been a few photos that have snuck in over the weeks but, just can't help myself since this hood is so rich with "artness". Would it be  fair to say,  Caneman, would be quite offended by the non-word/word of "artness"? (last weeks post)    Bob Dylan wrote "the times they are a changing" and that certainly is the case with  language, just in case you haven't noticed.  Having a good grip on grammatically correct intent of language is critical in being able to see how it changes.  Those changes that occur really reflect on what is going on in society as well as where we're going;  language being energy that is  expressed through symbols and how we communicate.  When we pay attention we see where we are and the direction in which we are travelling.

This post started with a reference to the CRAWL event (plus, plus, ... all the ECCS programming),  so to that vein of art originating from this hood it's hard not to look at two significant artists who live here:  Richard Tetrault and Carole Itter.  Both these artists have lived in the hood for over 35 years and contributed to the spirit of community in his or her own way. 

Tetrault is one of the founding members of the Eastside Culture Crawl Society, shown his work locally, across the country and internationally, a master print maker, a painter, a muralist and this is just the short list of his talents.  Recently, I had the good fortune to attend the opening ceremony of a housing project in Richmond where Tetrault was selected, through the public  process, to be the artist for the public art component.   Check it out!  

Richard Tetrault with his public art relief on the new 129 unit Housing Project in Richmond. (photo credit Esther Rausenberg)

Richard Tetrault with his public art relief on the new 129 unit Housing Project in Richmond. (photo credit Esther Rausenberg)

I can't help but think it would be pretty amazing to have a Tetrault integrated into the 851 Project!  Wouldn't that be cool?  Now, how do I get  all the $$$$ going to the city on this project to get channelled into that?  Ah, the questions that float around my mind -- hehehe.  I'm happy to know, at least, he's my neighbour!!

Back to the ECCS for a moment and the great programming by Esther Rausenberg, the Executive Director, which leads me to Carole Itter.  The closing program has become a film night featuring an artist and his/her film work.  Carole Itter was selected this year, as mentioned in the previous ART post, and there will be time for others to see the films as the program has been postponed due to the passing of Al Neil, Carole's longtime partner in life. 

Itter, like Tetrault, have lived in the hood for many, many years and been a part of this community.  I recall a few years ago going to to McLean Park (a park just kitty corner to my place now) to watch Itter's  film "Inlet"  and how special it felt to see this work in such a relaxed community environment -- there were a ton of well known artists, neighbours and people who happened by to share that  moment in time,  celebrating Itter's work.  Itter was awarded the 2017 Audain Prize in visual arts by the Vancouver Art Gallery and here are a few images of her acceptance!  (I love her "artness")

Tetrault and Itter are 2 amazing artists in this hood, and like language, it's so important to know the basics to appreciate the evolution.  I look forward to writing about more of these artistic gems that manifest as my neighbours in this rich community.  

Always remember to look up and down and all around on those strolls in your neighbourhood you might be surprised to find what direction you're taking.