ART -- it's coming...

It's that time of year -- The Eastside Culture Crawl Society (ECCS) it ramping it up!

Twenty one years, this year, the hood has celebrated art through the ECCS  and Nov 4th the celebrations started with the launch of Take Flight; a fundraiser and preview exhibit at the Arts Factory.  What a great time!! 

This was the first year of TAKE FLIGHT, which is kind of the equivalent to an opening night.  The programming of the ECCS has expanded under the direction of an amazing Executive Director, Esther Rausenberg, who just happens to be a local to our community for over 35 years.  Esther has taken exhibition programming to a place of 4 venues this year through an exhibition called LIT. 

Mark your calendar for Nov 8th 6-8 pm to view more art of the exhibit and the CRAWL event takes place Nov 16- 19th.  To prep for the CRAWL you can go online to view, plan, strategically experience art at it's best; the studio's where it's created.  Going online is a quick way to view everything, however, I really process the information when I have one of those great programs in hand.  There's nothing like the tactile feel of flipping through pages and making notes as I go along.  The graphic design just seems to get better every year.

Oh but wait, there's more! -- Film night on November 24th.   Once you've processed all the creative juice that will flow through your veins post-crawling,  you can catch the closing program (page 7 of the program).  Last year Geoffrey Farmer spoke to his work on Film Night and this year  Carole Itter and David Rimmer will be featured. .  Itter will speak to her work and 4 of her films will be shown, also experimental film maker Rimmer's piece, "Where Streets Are Paved with Gold" will be shown.   Popcorn and libations available!

Take flight crows, little birds and culture vultures.