PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS -- cement beyond Oct. 9th....

The post on Oct 9th, celebrating the art of cement,  was a discussion of material and it's materiality reflected in artistic practice.  Also posted were photos of the project and concrete, so feel free to re-visit that post.  This week, as we creep up to Halloween I'm debating "things" hmmm, to be a Concrete Hag or a Liquorice Bat Zombie?  It's a tough one.

The Concrete Hag will be the easiest as I  won't have to dress up at all.  I'm coming out, and admitting to myself and other's that yes it's true, looking a a nice slab of concrete is pretty sexy.  I love watching the forms being made, the pour, the reveal and result.  The process is layered and in most cases you never see that cement structure that holds up everything as it's sprayed, wrapped and buried.  So,  being a Concrete Hag is akin to appreciating the things that lie underneath, the bones so to speak;  not readily seen but essential to structure.  Perhaps there are more of us out there than we realize, perhaps living underneath other costumes, like the Liquorice Bat Zombie.

In celebration of the Concrete Hag let's look at more photos of those pretty bones of cement -- booooooo, to the day of All Hallow's!!      (scroll then roll)