COMMUNITY -- ranting or conducting a public service announcement?

The other day I walked into one of my favourite community locals and the owner, who I've come to know fairly well, jokingly said "oh Mira's daily rant".  That was just after I asked where the 4 benches from the park had gone?  We used to have 8 in that public round about and now "poof" 4 are gone!  I have to laugh as what others call my ranting, even jokingly, I perceive as public service and community surveying;  a research project so to speak. (smile)  Hmmm, wonder how many others experience this too?

Well life beyond benches, or what the city / parks board refers to as "furniture", I find there are more things baffling my brain these days.  Heading over to the building site everyday I find my brain is full of questions, concerns,  intrigue and often joy.  For instance, take a look at this:

What does all that mean, right?  Infrastructure systems, that most people will never see yet take for granted on a daily basis.  I scratch my head in wonderment most of the time.  The concern  being that I'll have no idea where it all is when it's underground and operating at 100% efficiency.  Trying to stay positive when you're a solo show responsible for making decisions you're learning about on a daily basis requires you to stay strong and keep dancing.  

It's reassuring, like going to an excellent doctor, to have professionals like Marianne,  Reece, and their team members help you through the overall overwhelmingness as well as the day to day concerns.  Intuition is also a saviour and it doesn't hurt to do public/community surveys...(even if others  might think it's ranting).

Today there's also new posts for the BIG HOUSE and OCTOPUS (if you're interested to see how they're coming along)!!