PEOPLE...missing (haha)

This week while people , as in worker people, were on site things were flying: stairs blued and waxed, millwork in the octopus, piece meal tiles going in, front door primed, garden suite patio graded, meetings… While Dino was coordinating all that, I thought I’d toss in a little guerrilla project for us to add to the mix. He helped me with a guerrilla tree planting; now there is a Dino/Mira tree planted in a super secret place! The usual Friday strudel arrived, via Mama, to feed the workers on site and prep them for a nice Canada Day weekend.

I, on the other hand, did not go away for the weekend and with all the people missing proceeded to step up to the work table and did a little priming.

What are those spindles for you may be asking? Well those puppies will be going outside on the porch around the front door. If you recall the Newell post blog you’ll understand how they’ll work together. It’s a fun transition of indoor details going outside. This kind of play of inside/outside, old/new/, octopus/pinkhouse and metaphors of reference have given me a lot of joy. At those times I feel I can’t take it anymore and am going to sit down and cry for a year that is what helps me through the journey of the never ending project.

I recall a friend building in N. Vancouver years ago calling his house “the house that will never be built”, going through this process gives me a whole new perspective on his positive outlook on a difficult journey. Little does he know how those words would actually help me survive construction fatigue.

Here’s to the old inside going outside…